It's almost like I fell asleep

My doubts have seemed to fade

Because I've opened up my eyes to see

I'm right where I planned to be



Cast your nets, cast it out

And I hope to god you'll scream and shout

It's everything you wanted, maybe more

Anyone can dream through the night

But only some can dream with eyes wide

There lies the fight inside

It resides in everyone

They will proclaim you a fool

And it reminds you to do

Anything and everything to prove them a liar

~~Set It Off, Dream catcher

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Well hello there fellow Conscious! You have stumbled upon a whimsical website filled with people just like you! I bet you're super excited to meet everyone and everything, so I won't stop you, dive right in! But please do read The Rules before hand, because trust me dude if you violate those rules my friend Jacob will drop the hammer on you BIG TIME. We're all about respect here, so make sure you deal some out to everyone on here. They're here because they want to make friends, not enemies.

We also do let people make pages for various things in DD, but remember to read the rules before you start making any. All pages should be somewhat coherent within an hour of their creation, okay. So no making a page, typing EDIT LATER, and then coming back to it a week from now. That seriously makes the wiki look bad and that could be classified as spam. But don't be intimidated by all the rules and things. Most of the rules are pretty basic so you should have no problems following them! Just have a good time dude!


The Terrible Aquarius

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